Friday, 17 February 2012

My Ray-Ban, My Style!

I was surfing through BlogAdda yesterday when I found out about their new contest, where we have to style ourselves with stylish sunglasses available at GKB. I must say, the website has an amazing collection of over 40 different brands of sunglasses. You can even try the sunglasses on yourself, with their try-on tool! Isn't that cool!

So I straight away clicked on Ray-Ban, as I have been a Ray-Ban loyal. Since my face is oval shaped, I chose these two sunglasses.
The one of the left is RB 2140 901, Wayfarer style. I chose this because it gives you a fashionable geeky look. You can wear it to your office, college, or just during your casual evenings in the city. The look that I think will go perfectly with this, is a casual one. Just a simple plain white shirt (tucked in), a scarf around your neck (optional), and a light blue jeans, probably teamed with boots. You can tie up your hair, or leave it down with a messy look. This look will make you appear smartly-geeky. Also, this sunglass is hand-made from Italy. So I'm sure its finishing will be class apart.
The one on the right is for those feminine evenings, when I want to step out in the sun, with a lovely knee-length dress. I will wear cute yellow ballet style shoes and a white clutch/handbag. This sunglass is RB 4139 601/8G, oversized style. I chose this one because, first, I like the color purple, second, I like round shaped sunglasses, and have most of my sunglasses in that style. The other look that I see in this is that of a biker chic. I always have this fascination of me riding a Hayabusa, with a complete black sporty outfit, hair tied up tightly, with a really smart sunglass. I know from the picture on the left, you might think whether I'll ride the bike or will the bike ride me, but as I said, it's a fascination, so I can imagine anything! :)

Now coming to the accessory part. Well, I am a 'bag girl'. I love bags! And usually when I remove my sunglasses, I like to hang it on my hand bag. I feel it looks stylish. Other times, I just like to put it on my head, when I have to pull back my hair. I use it like a hair band. Between these two sunglasses, I will hang my Wayfarer on my bag, and use my Oversized sunglasses to pull back my hair.

This entry is a part of the contest at brought to you by GKB Optical Sunglasses

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Different types of Punjabi Samosa

One of the most popular snack or starter is punjabi samosa, is easy to prepare at home with this samosa recipe. Serve the punjabi samosa with chole, imli chutney and beaten curd to satisfy your spicy palate.

You can check out the complete recipe of this Punjabi Samosa at Tarladalal

Today as soon as I opened my inbox, the first thing that drew my attention was Dhivya’s sweet letter!  I immediately decided to post the long overdue samosas, which have indeed become cold lying in the photo section of our blog for too long!  It would be a lie to say that I could’nt type the recipe which takes only 15 minutes .

You can check out the complete recipe of this Punjabi Samosa at The ‘yum’ blog

Punjabi Samosa is a famous snack across the country. It is the stuffing inside that enhances the flavor and adds taste to this dish. It is an excellent Chat. Ingredients and measurements are mentioned below the video.

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Most popular snack or starter is punjabi samosa. You can have it with panjabi chole and enjoy as Chole Samosa with Chutney or Curd.

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Samosa : Samosas are probably the most popular Indian appetizer, and loved by peoples of all ages, wheather childrens, youngsters or grownups.

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