Friday, 17 February 2012

My Ray-Ban, My Style!

I was surfing through BlogAdda yesterday when I found out about their new contest, where we have to style ourselves with stylish sunglasses available at GKB. I must say, the website has an amazing collection of over 40 different brands of sunglasses. You can even try the sunglasses on yourself, with their try-on tool! Isn't that cool!

So I straight away clicked on Ray-Ban, as I have been a Ray-Ban loyal. Since my face is oval shaped, I chose these two sunglasses.
The one of the left is RB 2140 901, Wayfarer style. I chose this because it gives you a fashionable geeky look. You can wear it to your office, college, or just during your casual evenings in the city. The look that I think will go perfectly with this, is a casual one. Just a simple plain white shirt (tucked in), a scarf around your neck (optional), and a light blue jeans, probably teamed with boots. You can tie up your hair, or leave it down with a messy look. This look will make you appear smartly-geeky. Also, this sunglass is hand-made from Italy. So I'm sure its finishing will be class apart.
The one on the right is for those feminine evenings, when I want to step out in the sun, with a lovely knee-length dress. I will wear cute yellow ballet style shoes and a white clutch/handbag. This sunglass is RB 4139 601/8G, oversized style. I chose this one because, first, I like the color purple, second, I like round shaped sunglasses, and have most of my sunglasses in that style. The other look that I see in this is that of a biker chic. I always have this fascination of me riding a Hayabusa, with a complete black sporty outfit, hair tied up tightly, with a really smart sunglass. I know from the picture on the left, you might think whether I'll ride the bike or will the bike ride me, but as I said, it's a fascination, so I can imagine anything! :)

Now coming to the accessory part. Well, I am a 'bag girl'. I love bags! And usually when I remove my sunglasses, I like to hang it on my hand bag. I feel it looks stylish. Other times, I just like to put it on my head, when I have to pull back my hair. I use it like a hair band. Between these two sunglasses, I will hang my Wayfarer on my bag, and use my Oversized sunglasses to pull back my hair.

This entry is a part of the contest at brought to you by GKB Optical Sunglasses


  1. Only the blogger communities can transform a Chef blogger into a Fashion blogger..Awesome Transformation and nice selection Niharika :) Loved it

  2. Quite an interesting post... and congrats for winning!
    I didn't win but will love to have your comments on my post:

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