Thursday, 8 March 2012

Different Type of Pickle

An Indian Spicy Mango Pickle recipe.This pickle is made to use for the whole year, that is till the next mango season starts.As soon as the small raw mangoes appear in the market, people start making the pickles

You can check out the complete recipe of this Indian Pickle at Vegetarian-Cooking-Recipes-Tips.

This one is the "Old Traditional Punjabi Mango Recipe" Its not very complicated, time-consuming and one had to not  have some special skills, but really it is so simple.And the jars of pickle are lovingly preserved. It contains special flavor of the punjabi household.

You can check out the complete recipe of this Punjabi Pickle at  In Love With Food.

Andhra Style Pickle. Its also known as "Aavakkai " This contains lot of oil & some special & simple steps which helps to keep this Pickle for long lasting.

You can check out the complete recipe of this Andhra Style  Aavakkai at  The Yum.

Unlike pickled cucumber which is sweet and vinegary, this Indian pickle is spicy, salty and pickled in oil. It packs a lot of flavor, so a little goes a long way!.

You can check out  the complete recipe of this Green Mango Pickle at Veggie Belly.

This one is southern special Pickle called as Hin Di/  Koch la noche which means small pieces. This is made  by cutting raw mango known as "Ishad" into small pieces & prepared.

You can check out the complete recipe of this  Karnataka Hin Di at Aayi's  Recipe.

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