Friday, 9 December 2011

Palak Soup


* palak(spinach)-2 bundles
* onion-1
* potato-1
* ginger- small piece
* green chille-1(whole)
* ghee or butter-1 tblsp
* milk- 1 cup
* corn flour-1 tblsp
* salt,sugar,pepper powder to taste


* peel potato and cut into cubes
* take only palak leaves
* heat butter ,fry onion(finely cut),add palak leaves
* add potato,green chille(whole),ginger sugar,.pour enough water
* pressure cook till one whistle
* cool down
* discard ginger and chille grind in mixy to a smooth paste
* add enough water ,salt, boil
* add corn flour mixed with milk boil
* add pepper powder serve hot

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